Eddie Glenn

Legal experience
Graduated University of Minnesota Law School, 2012
  • Legal Rights Center
    Defended the rights of justice imacted individuals
  • Hennepin County Problem Solving Courts
    Process improvement research
  • Bahá'í National Center
    Supported local nonprofit organizations across the country in administering justice
Engineering experience
React js and Ruby on Rails developer
  • CoverMyMeds
    Helped build and maintain a Rails applications for doctors and patients
  • Microsoft
    Helped build and maintain a Rails API for Flipgrid, educational software
  • Software for Good
    Helped build and maintain for a bunch of organizations doing good
  • Minnesota Public Radio
    Helped build and maintain web applications for your favorite radio station
Innovating for justice
Few projects I worked on
  • Home Line Tenant Advocacy
    Develop and maintain new database for all case intake
  • Mitchell Hamline criminal justice clinics
    Develop and maintain website for clients impacted by the justice system
  • Recidiviz, open source contributor
    Open source contributor
  • Legal Rights Center
    Open source contributor
Want to collaborate?
I'd love to hear your ideas on technology and justice